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Welcome to Scarab Creative Arts

We are a multifaceted arts center offering

a place of beauty and inspiration. 

We are a lovely place for those who appreciate art 

and a vibrant, collaborative community for those who create.   ​

  • Our spacious gallery rotates a variety of interesting exhibitions showcasing carefully curated bodies of work by talented artists or groups.  

  • The Scarab Gift Shop displays hand-crafted locally made functional and decorative art. You'll enjoy bringing these treasures into your home or gifting them to your loved ones.

  • Our shared space studio is bustling with creative energy, filled each day with talented local professionals working in various media. You'll find artists working in many different 2 and 3-dimensional processes.   

  • We offer a wide variety of classes for both adults and children in our roomy, sun-lit studio and classroom. Our team of accomplished instructors bring their expertise and insights on the creative processes. Students learn new skills and a new appreciation of the arts.  

Scarab Creative Arts is located in a historic brick building in the mural district of downtown Fresno. For half a century our building housed Scarab Glass Works, an art glass workshop. That art glass heritage is represented in an exterior wall mural interpretation of a Tiffany window. This mural was the first in the area, giving rise to the growing body of art in Fresno's downtown Mural District. The murals celebrate the creative spirit of our community and contribute to putting Fresno on the map as the blossoming art hub of California. 

Scarab Creative Arts has brought new life to a beautiful space.

We are proud to continue the innovative and experimental 

creative spirit in the arts that had been nurtured here for 50 years. 

Tiffany inspired wall mural depicting a vintage wisteria stained glass window
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