Unleash Your Creative Genius

March, 2021

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

American - Cartoonist 

Born: June 8, 1957



No matter your age, career, or the interests you pursue, you need creativity in your life. Everyone, everywhere, has enormous potential for unleashing creativity. When you feel uninspired, stuck, there is a need to think from a different perspective.

The creative exercises are divided into categories. We can use five types of thinking processes and problem solving techniques to influence our ability to think differently. Each mode centers on a different way of thinking. 

  • Covergent - combining elements of more than one idea or thing

  • Divergent - taking elements apart to look at the pieces individually

  • Lateral - logical, following steps in an order

  • Aesthetic - focuses on the perception of the object or idea

  • Emergent - the most common form of creativity, arriving at a result after ruminating 



* Create a data bank of inspiration. Using digital or hard copy files, make a resource of quotes, images, sound bites, colors, videos, . . . data around a theme. Pinterest likely gained mass appeal for simply making this need to organize our inspirations. Hard copy resources can be categorized into a multiple files folder used for storing paid bills. 

How can you use your data bank? Coming back to these inspirations and leafing through them can help spark ideas and create connections. 

* Observe something new. You can watch a music video, freestyle dance in front of a mirror, look in a book, or take a walk with intent to see something you've never noticed before. Observe - really look at the details. What do you notice that you might have missed with just a normal pass-by?