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Since you're on this page, know that we are pleased your art will be featured in our gallery. 

Gallery Floor Plan

floorplan, gallery
floorplan, gallery annotated

Entry walls:

On the large wall to the right of the gallery entrance, we either post simply the title of your show and the artist name, or we add a piece of art too. Often we place a flower arrangement on a pedestal in this space.

On the left side of the entry we have a wall pocket holding the informational flier for the show. Sometimes we set a pedestal under the wall pocket for additional items. That can hold items such as business cards, a guest book, a personal artist's book or binder with information the artist wants available for the public.

Quinn Gallery Entrance
Munshower gallery show


We have 15 pedestals for use in the gallery and/or at the entrance (as pictured), 5 each in 3 sizes.

Legal Documents

We must have a signature on our contract before your show is installed.

We must have a completed W9 before payment is issued for your art sold from the gallery. 

The contract and W9 can be sent to:

  • Email:

  • Mail: P. O. Box 573, Fowler, CA 93662

  • Delivered: to our studio/gallery: 729 East Divisadero, Fresno             


  • How do we refer to our place?

    • Our business name is Scarab Creative Arts​

    • You could use any of the following:

      • Scarab Creative Arts​

      • in the Gallery at Scarab Creative Arts

      • Scarab Creative Arts Gallery

  • Our location and contact information:

    • ​Web site:

    • Mailing Address: P. O. Box 573, Fowler, CA 93625

    • Location: 729 East Divisadero, Fresno 93721

    • Phone: 559.285.2878

    • Email:

  • Link to the gallery page:​

  • Link to the gallery archive page, which will include images from your show afterwards:​

  • Hours and Directions:​

  • Our logo (we use both):​

Time Line

6 weeks before your show, please return these items to us:

  1. An image for use in marketing

  2. Any marketing materials you have created you want us to use

  3. Signed contract


3 weeks before your show please inform us of these: (to order printed sign for the entrance wall):

  1. Name of the show

  2. Your name as you use it professionally

  3. (Optional) Email marketing list 


At least one week before your show:

Do you want us to post anything on the gallery wall? If so, we need one page of any one, or several:

  1. Bio

  2. Resume

  3. Artist statement

  4. CVC


On the day you bring your work in for installation, typically the weekend before the opening reception, we need information on each piece. 


  • Labels

The system we use most often is an information flier in a wall pocket at the entrance to the gallery. The flier contains all of the information on each piece. Sometimes artists want labels posted on the wall. We're flexible. But either way, we need the following information in an organized list (1) brought with you and also (2) emailed to us to facilitate creating the informational flier:

  1. Name and/or identifying factor for each piece

  2. Name of the artist if this is not a solo show

  3. Price or NFS

  4. Optional additional information for any one piece or pieces:

    1. Medium

    2. Date

    3. Any additional information you want to express

On the evening of your opening reception 

If you decide you would like another reception during the month we need to put that reception date on the calendar before you leave the opening reception.

Before payment is issued we need a W9 for tax records. 


Times given above are to allow us to successfully prepare for your show by:

  • marketing, as delineated in the contract

  • getting our sign order in with enough time for the printer

  • having our own printing completed.

The success of the show depends, to an extent, on the artist participating in marketing efforts.

We are willing to market to your email list, if the list is provided.

Print Rack


We have a print rack available for you to use for additional art you would like to place in the gift shop for sale.

Print Rack


Call or text:

Heather:        559.250.7295  

Maggie:         559.285.2878



Key Points from the Contract

see the contract for the full agreement

  • Reception 

    • opening reception - ArtHop, 1st Thursday of the month, 5-8 p.m.​

      • Scarab usually provides refreshments

        • bottled water​

        • wine

        • some snacks

      • the artist can bring

        • additional snacks or beverages​

        • live music ​

    • additional reception(s) can be held.

  • Sales ​​

    • artist receives 70% of the gross sales price​

    • if an American Express card is used there is a 3% deduction for fees

    • work is left on display through the duration of the show

    • payments are made to the artist in the month following the show​

  • Marketing

    • Scarab markets via​

      • social media posts​

      • Fresno Arts Council marketing

      • email to our marketing list

      • email to the artist's marketing list, if provided

    • the artist is responsible for contributing to marketing​

  • Liability​

    • the artist is responsible for insurance for the works on display (per Fresno Arts Council policy)​

    • Scarab takes no responsibility for loss of art in the gallery from theft, fire, flood, vandalism, or any other act that damages or destroys the art.

  • Division of responsibilities​

    • Scarab​ takes responsibility for:

      • providing the venue for the show and receptions

      • managing sales, taxes, and sales records

      • The Gallery will provide the Artist with an accounting of the sales, including:

        • Name or other reference to the work

        • Price of the piece

        • Any applicable notes on each sale 

        • By request, we will also provide:

          • Name of the buyer

          • Buyer's contact information

    • The Artist takes responsibility for:

      • transporting the work

      • packaging and shipping work, if required

      • insurance

      • labeling, if labels are installed

      • special installation requirements (per prior arrangement with the Gallery)

      • contributing to marketing

      • repairs if there is damage to the galley​

        • all repairs are to be completed on the Sunday prior to the subsequent opening reception

        • any professional repairs are made at the discretion of Scarab management and billed to the artist.

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