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Scarab Creative Arts is a multi-faceted arts center supporting both artists and the greater community through access to arts education, studio equipment and facilities, and as a venue for private and public engagement with art. We believe in the importance of artists and art in our community at large and aim to see Scarab as a place where transformation and engagement happens through direct experiences with art. 


We do so by:

·    Fostering collaboration among the community of member artists in our shared space studio;

·       Supporting the commercial success of our member artists by selling their work in our on-site store with a generous 90:10 split; 

·       Offering artists, both local and nation-wide, income-driven opportunities such as teaching classes and workshops;

·       Community enrichment through arts education. Offering classes to all ages in a wide variety of artistic mediums, both on-site and in schools and community venues;

·    Holding various art exhibitions in our gallery: 

oPrivate gallery shows to provide a space for artists of stature to show work at varying levels from new to legacy bodies of work

oGroup/community shows: to give creatives the experience and honor of having their work shown in a gallery

oCommunity Outreach shows: to provide opportunities for non-profit groups and service agencies to have a gallery experience designed to raise awareness and procure funds;

·    Hosting events utilizing the gifts of creativity to reach and provide opportunities to underprivileged and marginalized people in our community. 

·    Raising funds through events and sales to support targeted needs of others throughout the world.  

·    Building a vibrant business which contributes to the revitalization of downtown Fresno


We celebrate diversity and welcome all community members, regardless of gender, social status, race, or beliefs. 



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