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Christine Baziuk


Amy Morgan never takes off her “art-colored glasses” and looks for artistic subject matter in children’s books, nature, psychology, and art history. 

Whimsical ceramic sculpture and pottery occupied Amy for many years and she shared her passion teaching high school and college student after completing her MFA


Her current interest lies in silk painting and her scarves and framed paintings utilize the Serti—“fence”—technique which mimics her love of carving into clay. Her work has won regional awards and can be viewed in local galleries. She was honored with the Fresno Arts Council’s Horizon Award in the Arts in 2019.


Amy currently teaches art to special needs students in the Fresno Unified School District and to young STEM scholars at InnovEd Educational Services.


I was born and raised in Fresno, CA.  I’m a wife and mother to 3 amazing children. 

As a child I loved reading recipe books and baking. In junior high my favorite classes were ceramics, cooking class, and wood shop. I went on to culinary school after college and specialized in desserts. But once I had my first child I decided to be a stay at home mom and have been doing that for almost 15 years now. 

Once  COVID hit last summer I decided to find some new hobbies.  My love of plants spawned the idea of making plant hangers. I researched how to make a plant hanger and soon realized how fun it is to create something so amazing by simply using different kinds of knots.


The possibilities are endless of what you can create with macramé. I still love being in the kitchen but also love exploring other creative outlets.

To see some of my work you can find me on FB and IG @ashley.l.creations 


Cheryl L Price transitioned to mosaic art after several years of creating images through multiple mediums. While looking for a way to incorporate more texture into her art, she tried creating mosaics.  She has been hooked ever since and has received numerous awards for her mosaic art


Typically Cheryl thoughtfully chooses her subjects and plans the overall composition, meticulously drawing in the contour lines of the mosaic. She carefully selects the tesserae, mindful of the colors and values in the glass. Other times, although beginning with a general idea, the mosaic takes on a life of its own as she adapts to the beautiful tones in the glass. With all scenarios she painstakingly attaches each piece of tesserae onto the substrate of choice. 


From the initial idea to the sealing of the grout, the creation of each mosaic is a labor of love. Art is Cheryl's tangible expression of gratitude.The beautiful textures and hues of the outdoors and joyful depictions of children and caring adults are moments she enjoys capturing in her work.


Cheryl continually studies both the art and the techniques required to build durable and beautiful mosaics. She constantly experiments with new ways.


Cheryl's love of teaching combined with creating art has opened a door to teach mosaicking to both children and adults. She loves to share the delight that transpires when people create their own works of art. 


Hannah (Desch) Witter is a ceramic artist living in Fresno, CA. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014 with a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Horticulture. 

Her current work is to create wheel-thrown ceramic dishware for everyday use. Function, unique qualities of form, and surface texture are important to her. With these aspects in mind, she creates one-of-a-kind and comfortable pieces for the home, most of which are inspired by natural forms and color palettes.

Hannah has taught both kids and adult beginners wheel throwing classes at Clay Mix and is looking forward to teaching at Scarab Creative Arts!


She attends vendor fairs and sells her work at Scarab Creative Arts Gift Shop. 


The valuable lesson of my process is the ability to use sculpture and various mediums to narrate the dialog of my artistic voice, and is one that I choose as a lifelong evolution. This evolution will continue in my artistic experiences, such as producing art, viewing the art of the world, as well as, a mentor who will inspire and nurture the future artists of our society.


Owner and instructor of Art Lab 559. Kia is passionate about promoting local artists, art education and creating fun spaces for making art of all kinds. She has 8 years of experience teaching kids and hosting art parties running her own art studio and being an art docent for Clovis Unified School District. Because of her zest for life and her spunky fun loving personality, she especially loves to celebrate life through art by facilitating Art Parties for all ages. She herself loves folk art painting and having fun with felt and is obsessed with bright bold colors. Her love of serving others and years of customer service makes sure everyone is taken care of and having a good time making art! She believes there’s an artist in everyone and supports an encouraging and non judgmental environment.


Laura is a local ceramic and mixed media artist. She loves making all different kinds of art; her favorites being art journaling, acrylic painting and printmaking. Her first love, though, is ceramics. She has been making pottery for more than 20 years, and currently works as a Creative Partner Consultant for Mayco, representing their brand of ceramic bisque and glazes.


Her art contains bright, vibrant, and unusual color combinations. She loves color and isn’t afraid to use it! Her work is often lighthearted, whimsical and humorous, and her goal is to put a smile on the face of anyone who views it.


Her passion is to apply the techniques she uses in her mixed media artwork into her ceramic pieces. Many of these techniques are unique in the world of ceramics, and she loves to show students new ways to create their own clay based masterpieces.


Laura teaches workshops around the US and sells her artwork at local art shows, in galleries and on Etsy.com. She resides with her menagerie of pets, which inspire much of her work. You can find her on social media using @thepeculiarpalette. 


Laura is excited to offer clay, glazing and mixed media art classes at Scarab Arts later in 2021. 


The desire to be creative has been with Lora since childhood. As a child, she loved to sew and create by making dolls and trinkets from the “junk” drawer. She was an upcycler, before the word even became into existence. 


Lora’s primary career was as a 3rd grade teacher. Her love of sharing extended beyond the classroom into teaching quilting and jewelry classes evenings and weekends. As a retired educator, Lora is now teaching art to children through Merced’s Regional Art Council. She continues to find joy in creating something new from found items. 


With her 3 children grown and out on their own, Lora Wheeler resides in Merced, California with her husband and a scruffy dog. 


Maggie graduated from CSUF with a BA cum laude in art and began work as an artisan at Scarab Glass Works in 1978. At that time she taught leaded glass and children's art classes at Clovis adult school. 

A few years later Maggie continued her education and obtained a multiple subject teaching credential with an emphasis in art education.

Maggie has taught at all levels, from pre-school through adult. She has trained in many artistic mediums, both 2 and 3 dimensional.


From 2008-2012 Maggie worked in the supporting arts for theater doing set design and special effects makeup. In 2013 Maggie began working with clay.

She believes the most important part of art education is to emphasize fostering the creatve spirit of  the student as the technical aspects of the media are developed.