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Local companies big and small raise relief funds for Ukraine crisis, May 2022

Updated: 19 hours ago

By Nico Payne ABC Channel 30

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Companies both big and small are lending a hand to help with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

From a simple bake sale to matching donations contributing hundreds of thousands in relief funds, Action News highlights some of the local efforts to help families in Ukraine and how you can take part.

In celebration of Art hop, for the month of March Scarab Creative Arts will be donating a percentage of its profits to help with relief efforts in Ukraine.

"The gallery is donating 10% of anything that sells in our gift shop to Ukraine and one of our members, Marina is from Ukraine and she is donating 100% of the revenue from her sales," said Maggie Courtis, Owner of Scarab Creative Arts.

Marina Khylyuk Holladay is one of the artists who works out of the gallery. She has family members in Ukraine who have chosen to fight, along with women and their children who have made it to other countries. Marina is doing all she can from overseas.

"She has friends and family there, her phone will ring during the day and it's someone calling from the border, you know it's close, it's close to her," explained Courtis.

"We know Marina, we know her family, her daughter and her grandchildren, and we hear her talking Ukrainian all the time, so yes, it feels very immediate," said Ani Chamichian, member of Scarab Creative Arts.

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