Beyond the Bowl: Darting


September 11

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.




Darting is a great techinique for taking the "round" out of your thrown pieces. Darting in ceramics is similar to darting in sewing. The artist uses a cutting tool to cut away pieces of the form. The cut edges are reattached to create tapered forms. Depending on where you place the darts the base and or top can be narrowed. One or more sides can be tapered in. Interesting curves and/or angles can be designed into the piece. 


Students will

  • be introduced to helpful hand building tools
  • see samples of darting used in pottery
  • evaluate design principles for modifying thrown bowls with darting
  • learn to manipualte bowls by darting



  • Students can bring several leather hard thrown forms or use ones provied by the instructor (3 each)



  • sponge
  • small bucket or vessel to hold water
  • exacto knife or clay cutting tool
  • cardstock paper for template
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • scoring tool (or old toothbrush)
  • apron 
  • towel or paper towels


Bring a bag lunch, if desired.


For more information contact the instructor:

Beyond the Bowl - Darting, September 11