Beyond the Bowl: Piercing, Faceting, and Carving 


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Adding piercing to a bowl can result in the function of the piece evolving. Berries and other fruits have a better shelf life when holes are added - bowls with holes! Piercing also can make your thrown work become a candle holder. And finally, piercing is a nice way to add decorative elements to a plain item.


Faceting is a type of simple carving on a thickly thrown bowl.  Faceting can be a "fix" for a beginner throwing a pot more dense than desired, or the pot can be intentionally thrown thick to allow for this unique technique.


Once you start carving your pottery you will have opened a whole new world of design opportunities.


We will learn about the tools and techniques to cut into your pots - piercing, faceting, and carving - to take your pottery to the next level. Images and samples will be examined and critiqued to help get our creative flow going.



  • Students will be provided with leather hard tiles (3 each) and bowls (2) to practice these techniques. 



  • sponge
  • vessel to hold some water
  • exacto knive or clay cutting tool
  • paper for creating design template
  • scissors
  • pencil or ball point pen
  • apron
  • towel or paper towels


Bring a bag lunch, if desired.


For more information contact the instructor at:


Beyond the Bowl: Piercing, Faceting, Carving