Boards - Charcuterie and More with Maggie Courtis


1 session

Wednesday October 6

7 p.m. to 9 p.m.





Food Styling is a fun way to make entertaining or even family meals an artistic endeavor. In this class you will learn how to compose a classic meat - cheese charcuterie board. But there are way more foods and meals that can be presented in a board format. These popular serving presentations are suitable for everything from family meals to large scale entertaining. We have tons of ideas for styling a wide range of beautiful and fun food presentations outside of the charcuterie definition on your boards too.


The class will begin with a slide presentation showing a range of possibilities for food service styled in a variety of ways. You'll see spreads for large groups, smaller intimate dining, and even individual serving presentations. Holiday and ethnic themes will be shown. We will evaluate the pros and cons of each. 


Next you'll view a demonstration of techniques to arrange different food items. You'll get all the tricks for using your tools, the temperature ranges that make the art easier and more successful, and a myriad of other insider tips. 


You'll receive tons of cool handouts. Ideas for food pairings, basic recipes, sources for shopping, and more will give you a resource to do a fantastic job designing your next board presentation.


Each class attendee will receive an individually packaged charcuterie "board" to snack on while you enjoy the presentation and a 10% off coupon for charcuterie boards purchased in the Scarab gift shop the evening of the class.

Boards - Charcuterie and More with Maggie, October 6