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Glass Safety


Tuesday Glass Open Studio


10 a.m. until noon

$68 monthly


Experienced glass artists are invited to join our stained glass community, where we meet on Tuesday mornings to work alongside one another on our glass projects. Anyone who has taken a Scarab class series or the Christmas ornament workshop, or who has a fundamental knowledge of stained glass principles from past experiences is eleigible to join us.


Scarab offers a place for this artistic fellowship with tables, the grinder, specialty hand tools, and our pattern library.  We have a limited amount of stained glass available for purchase exclusively for our students. We also carry glass tools and equipment.


This is an open studio session, not a class. Although there is nothing taught, we do help one another. While knowledge of a variety of glass techniques is shared, there is not lesson. Maggie is experimenting, at times, and willing to give information to those who want to try these techniques on their own. 


The techniques include:

  • fusing
  • slumping
  • photo image transfer
  • frit painting
  • glass painting with Colorline paints


Attendance at the open studio sessions is on a monthly basis with payments billed in one month increments, beginning any day of the month. Attendees can set up automatic payments charged to their credit or debit card, starting on whatever day of the glass artist begins.


Check our blog for articles on Getting Started with Glass, including where to shop and a list of tools and equipment.


For more information contact us at:


Class Policies


Tuesday Glass Open Studio - ongoing, monthly

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