Floor Cloths with Andra Kay


Meeting weekly for 2 weeks

Saturdays September 18, 25

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


$100 Tuition, $25 Materials and supplies


I call them “paintings for your feet”. The American colonists would take canvas from the ship sails and create rugs to cover the dirt floors of their cabins. We will learn how to use acrylic paint, canvas, acrylic sealer, and liquid latex to make our own. All supplies, snacks, and drinks provided.


Drinks and snacks included


Students willl:

  • Learn about the types of canvases and paints
  • Learn to use tape and stencils
  • Select a design for and paint a practice floor cloth.
  • Select design and paint a second floor cloth.
  • Paint and seal floor cloths.


Questions? Contact Andra at andrakaydesign@gmail.com.   559.824.8422

Floor Cloths with Andra Kay, Beginning September 18