Grounding with Art


Friday, July 16th 

6:00pm to 7:30pm



The Grounding with Art Session will begin with a Reiki Charged Room opening.  Everyone will drink Rose Holy Basil Tea that will open your Heart Chakra which will allow the healing energy to flow within you.  This will also allow your creativity to be awakened.  


We will beging with our first piece called "Release."  You will put on paper everything that is clouding your mind.  It can be art or journaling or a combination of both.  It can be anything you would like. The second piece will be focused on something that brings you Joy. Finally, your third piece will be something that you would like to Manifest for your future. The purpose of this workshop is to help you connect with your higher self by releasing what doesn't serve you and allowing yourself to feel and think about what positive things you want more of in your life.  


You will receive a Lion + Soul Art Journal which you will be able to keep and bring with you shall you decide to continue coming in to our Grounding with Art Workshops.  You are more than welcomed to bring any art supplies you would like to use.


Supplies provided:

Art Journal (take home)


Colored Pencils


Drawing Pen

Water Colors


Grounding with Art with Lizbeth, July 16