Halloween Makeup


Saturday, October 9

10 a.m. to noon


Learn tips and tricks used for Hollywood special effects makeup and at professional Halloween attractions for Halloween makeup.


In this workshop you'll learn to create "horror makeup" illusions. We will study how to create the effect of missing skin, bruises, cuts, and more using just face paint and makeup blood.


Maggie learned from the best, including the Wolf Brothers, Bella Volen, Mark Reid, Dutch Bihary, and Bobbie Weiner, aka Bloody Mary.



Face Paint, various colors including red, black, white or ecru, and purple

Stage Blood

Paint Sponges

Paint Brushes

Paper Towels

Vessel to hold water


Scarab will offer this kit for sale, $38
Fab 6 Ghoulish Face Paint Palette by FAB

Stage Blood - Mehron 

Liquid Latex, Clear - Mehron

One Semi-Circle Paint Sponge


If you are purchasing the kit you will need to bring:

Paint Brushes

Paper Towels

Vessel to hold water


Cancellation and Refund Policies

For more information contact the instructor at Info@ScarabGallery.com



Halloween Makeup, October 9