Polyfoam with Andra Kay


Fall 2021, date to be determined


session 1:   3 hours

session 2:   3 hours

session 3:   4 hours




This amazing material can be used to create sculptures, puppets, props, masks, and costumes. Imagine the Muppets. They are all constructed with polyfoam. We will make a puppet, and explore different techniques while creating a prop, sculpture, or mask of your choice. All supplies, snacks and drinks provided. If you have a special stapler and pair of craft scissors you like, bring them.


Session One – 3 hours

Types of foam

Types of glue

Construction techniques – seams, joints, gussets

Types of paints

Begin simple puppet.


Session Two – 3 hours

Finish puppet

Begin hat using craft foam.


Session Three – 4 hours

Finish puppet and hat.

Begin prop or sculpture of your choice.


Questions? Contact the instructor at AndraKayDesign@gmail.com, 559.824.8422

Polyfoam with Andra Kay, Fall 2021