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Smith & Len x Rappit Up Kitchen Scraps Workshop

Brooke Luallen

May 11

6 - 8 p.m.



All materials are included in the class fee.


Class size: Miimum 4, maximum 12

Class autdience: The focus of this class is Mother's Day - we'd love to have moms and sons/daughters attend, preferably aged 16 or over, but younger students are welcome as well.


Did you know that you can create color by using your kitchen scraps? Join Smith & Len and Rappit Up for our Mother’s Day workshop. Come discover the fundamentals of natural dyes and bundle dyeing with a two-hour course. In this interactive class, you will learn the techniques of how to create color with the food waste created from your daily meals We will be dyeing with onion skins, avocados, carrot tops, pomegranate skins, and black beans. You will get the opportunity to create your very own dyes, and an apron with the techniques of submersion dye, bundle dye, or shibori folding. There will also be an option of adding on items to dye like hand towels, socks, or market bags. Invite your mom, your daughter or son, or even a friend to learn about all things natural dyes. Seating is LIMITED.


Natural dyeing is the process of using plants, flowers, and
even fruit and vegetables to extract color. It is a such an unpredictable process that takes so much patience but the unpredictable part is what is really fun and magical about using plants and nature in art.

The process of dyeing can take anywhere from a week up to a month. There are multiple steps involved in the process: scouring, mordanting, collecting the dye ingredients, creating the dye, dyeing the fiber, and washing the fiber. No dye bath is ever the same and it is truly a magical process. Most of the dye colors that you see come directly from the artist
s backyard, or is sourced locally.

Due to the nature of natural dyes, each item is unique and may have variegation created by the plant pigments. Each item is one of a kind!



Meet Smith & Len - Brooke Luallen
Brooke Luallen is a local artisan of Fresno, California, who has fallen in love with natural dyes. She has discovered how nature can create beauty within your everyday life. Brooke has many titles: wife, mom of two little ones, art teacher, and owner of Smith & Len. She is thrilled to bring the art of natural dyes to the Central Valley.



Meet Rappit Up - Janna Melkonian
Rappit Up! offers a variety of delicious plant-based meals. You can enjoy our meals in the office, at work, while traveling, or in your home. Each meal is made with your health in mind & will leave you satisfied, energized & won't weigh you down! Made fresh every day with only wholesome ingredients; & do not contain any highly processed ingredients, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.
We love to have as little waste as possible in our kitchen, that's why we donate all of our scraps! All of our vegetable & fruit scraps are donated to local Fresno Community Gardens to be made into nutritious compost! Our avocado seeds, peels & onion skins are donated to Brooke from Smith & Len to dye beautiful clothing & linens! We love to collaborate & work together to maximize zero waste! That's why we're so excited to partner together to bring you this class , so that you can make beautiful things with your food scraps right at home!
To Order : We currently sell our meals pre-order on a weekly basis, delivery or pick up. Our menu is sent via email & we receive orders via text. To sign up to see the menu, please contact Janna at (559)360-2571 or at . We are opening our location very soon this year on Bullard & Marks, follow us on IG & FB for more! Thanks!


For More Information:

Instructor - Brooke Luallen


Rappit Up! Plant Based Meals - Janna Melkonian



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Smith & Len x Rappit Up Kitchen Scraps Workshop, May 11, 2023

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