Wheel Throwing with Amy


Meeting weekly for 8 weeks

Fall 2021    

Dates and times to be announced


$200 tuition, $25 for supplies


Learning to throw great pots on the wheel can seem like training for a marathon...the finish line is a long way off!  A new potter should frequently step off the treadmill and enjoy the beautiful scenery, stretch the legs, and commune with fellow runners. 

In this 8 week class, students will learn the hand positions of wheel throwing, the personality of clay, and some options for finishing the surface/glazing. Most of the projects will include hand-built or carved features. With a maximum of just 6 students, each student will have lots of assistance. Projects ideas will be offered to guide students and include: 


Pergola Pot. A potter’s early pots are often short and heavy...perfect for turning into a vine planter! Holes in the bottom and a hand built pergola rising up over the top will soon be a conversation piece for your patio.


Go Art Nouveau!  A thick-walled pot is great for carving. We will learn to trim a foot ring, draw elegant leaves that extend from the foot to the rim, carving away the excess and adding leaf tips that curl above the rim. 


Pulled handles, trimming, plates, bowls, mugs, glazing.



You will be supplied with one 25 pound block of clay. Glazes and the firing fee for this clay are included in the supply fee. 



Small plastic bucket

Glaze Brushes

     A good brush to start with is a sable fan size 4

Large utility sponge

Basic pottery tool kit, such as the Kemper Pottery Tool Kit 

     potter's rib 

     steel scraper

     wood modeling tool

     needle tool

     ribbon tool

     loop tool

     studio sponge

     wire clay cutter

Optional: Apron, hand towel


*For those who don't want to invest in the Kemper tool kit, Amy has a large assortment of throwing tools she will share. Students using Amy's throwing tools will still need the bucket, brush, and sponges.


*You can purchase a beginner's kit with all of these tools  at Clay Mix in Fresno.




Beginning Wheel Throwing and Beyond with Amy Morgan, Fall 2021