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Donation Requests and Collaborations

We love supporting our community.



All donation requests for the calendar year will be budgeted in January. If you miss the deadline, keep us in mind and submit your request during the following January. Please submit your request for a donation in the following manner:

  • Please submit your request between January 1st and January 30th. 

  • Send you request in one email, sent to

  • Answer all of these questions, in this order:

    • Who are you (personally)?

    • What is your organization?

      • name of organization​

      • mission

        • who do you serve​

        • where do you serve

      • link to the organization's web site​

    • What would you like to receive?​

    • (optional) Why should Scarab invest in your organization?​​​

Collaborating with Scarab

Do you have ideas for collaborating with Scarab? We look forward to supporting people and organizations, when possible. Please address your thoughts in one email, sent to Some ways we are available:

  • Use of our space

  • Collaborations coinciding with a gallery installation, ArtHop reception

  • Creative collaborations with one or more of our artists

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