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Abstract Art
NO FEAR Abstract Art In-Person Workshop 2025

Jeannette Goulart

3 Day Workshop 2025

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


Friday April 25


Sunday April 27, 2025

Price $395.00 USD

Jeannette Goulart teaching a painting class

The NO FEAR Abstract Workshop!


In-person workshops are magical because you not only gain tools and guidance from the instructor, but you also have the benefit of seeing the works of others which is motivational and inspiring. I call This workshop NO FEAR because the exercises have a built-in success-o-meter! LOL is that even a word? You will not only learn how to begin an abstract, you will understand the why behind it. I consider myself the queen of simplifying abstract design so that you can have more fun and freedom in the studio. It really doesn't have to be that hard. I am so excited that you chose to come to this

abstract painting in lavender shades

workshop. I KNOW you will have fun and be able to see why I say, “ABSTRACTS ARE EASY! This workshop is designed to take the fear out of creating abstracts! It will be all fun with none of the fear! There will be exercises to loosen up and get free and then you will paint from your soul on the last day pulling from what you learned. You will be surprised at how easy abstracts can be. The exercises are fast and fun. We will be using our intuition and creating designs unique to each individual student. The exercises are designed to make things easy and there will be explanations on why this is so. Beginner or professional this will set you free and you will understand why I say "Abstracts Are Easy." 

Jeannette Goulart abstract painting
Micro mini abstract paintings


[Don't overthink this. This class is about simplifying, you do not have to bring the kitchen sink!]


  • Paints: Bring 6 colors, 2 light value, [ex. Yellow, pink, lilac] 2 medium value, [ex. Blue, green, orange] and 2 dark value colors [ex. Red, purple, dk blue] Bring black and white also. [Bring YOUR favorite colors!]

  • Brushes: Bring 3 brushes and I would like them to be large medium and small in size. [The largest being 2”]

  • A water receptacle

  • Paper: You will need a lot of paper [don't skimp here] We will be doing a lot of exercises.I like the watercolor “pads” sometimes they are called watercolor “blocks. Be sure to bring..[you guessed it,] A large a medium, and a small pad. [single sheets work fine too if you want to cut them into sm. Med. and lg. 15 sheets of each size.]  If you are traveling the sizes I like are 12x12, 8x8, and 6x6. If you are daring and want to go larger that is fine!  Be sure it is 140lb paper [the thickness matters] 

  • Paint pens/markers: Whatever you have is fine [bring black] 3 sizes are enough.

  • Paper towel 1 roll

  • Wax paper [Used as a palette]

  • Painters tape [the green frog tape or the blue one]

  • Pair of scissors

(Paper does not have to be gessoed)

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