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Policy for Accommodation and Accessibility for Special Needs Students

Communication of Need 

An accessibility statement appears at the top of four of our web site classes pages: (1) the general “classes” page, (2) the classes calendar page, (3) the children’s classes page, and (4) ) the summer classes for children page. The statement reads as follows: 

          Special Needs?
          Use the form at the bottom of this page to request accommodation for accessibility. 

Wheelchair Accommodations 

We considered wheelchair accessibility at the onset of our renovations and can fully accommodate a student or guest in a wheelchair per all standards on the NEA Brief Accessibility Checklist.


We remodeled one of the two rest rooms specifically to meet ADA standards by moving walls and changing fixtures.

Although the rest room is compliant, there is a slight ramp from the front of the building up to that back level. The individual in the wheel chair or with gait impairment may need assistance navigating the ramp. 

Responsible Person 

The person designated as responsible for managing accessibility is Maggie Courtis, available at:


In the event there is a student with special needs, our teaching team is available to collaborate with professionals in Special Education to design an IEP to meet those special needs. We are available to confer with the parent/guardian/or individual with needs. 

If needed, we are available to coordinate with an appropriate service group to facilitate accessibility or further educate ourselves on the specific need. Exceptional Parents Unlimited, a local service organization for parents with special needs children, will likely be our go-to for referral to an appropriate source. 

The burden of responsibility to designate and provide for the Special Education Professional falls on the student or parent of the student with special needs. 

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