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  • Maggie Courtis

Donald Munro Review: 5 Picks for June Fresno Arthop

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Donald Munro

June 1, 2023

the artist adjusts elements of her mobile as she hangs it for the gallery show
Hanging the Mobile

The Merced-based Contemporary Humanitarian Artists Association(CHAA) is featured at Scarab Creative Arts for June's Fresno Arthop. It will be a large group show with works by Joel Aguilar, Iris Asai, Frank Ayala, Cheryl Barnett, Abel Corchado, Lisa Gilliland-Viney, Richard Gomez, Kate Jackson, Charles A. Perez, Eddie O. Rodriguez, Ruben Sanchez, Sue Thompson and Oscar Torres.

The artists have a shared philosophy: that creativity, contemplation, and exploration are key to the human spirit.

The group’s Facebook page declares: “Together we encourage that humanitarian endeavor, bringing greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of the visual arts to our existence, to our community and to society as a whole. CHAA members are committed to exploring the many themes that define art. We want others to see the world from many perspectives and be conscious of our role as part of a larger society – to help each other while being good stewards of our shared planet.”



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