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June 20-22, 2025

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

daily for 3 days



Join us for a Master Class series with Jen Allen!


Slab to Fab: Creating and Utilizing Templates to make Repeatable Forms


The focus of this workshop is to build confidence in creating slab built pottery from paper patterns. We will learn how to dress up slabs with handmade texture stamps, practice various techniques to alter forms, construct 3D sketches using clay, and design our own templates from our 3D clay sketches. Bring an open mind. You will leave with handfuls of new patterns (and 3D sketches in clay) and the knowledge and confidence to continue to design, repeat, and tweak your slab built pottery forms!


 * Sketchbook/ Pencil – Take notes! 

 * Template making tools - Heavy Paper/ Manilla file folders, scissors, ruler,

   compass, pencil and sharpener for template making. 

 * Basic clay tools of your choosing 

   Including metal and rubber ribs, pin/needle tool, cut off wire, wooden knife,

   rasp or sure form, smoothing tools, small scoring tool, rolling pin, serrated

   rib. Square-end trimming tools for making clay strips. 

 * Banding wheel/ turn table- preferably a free spinning one/ Tall Shimpo style.

 * X-acto knife or similar (dull is imperative)- this is for cutting clay.

    Sharp ones cut your hands and the canvas on the table.

 * Towel- for wiping of your hands while working 

 * Bats/Wareboards – each person will want around 3-4 wooden bats/wareboards to

   work on and store work on. 

 * Brushes –For smoothing out seams. Bring a variety if possible.

 * Cornstarch- about a ¼ cup or more- for construction of lidded pieces and for


 * Stamps – Feel free to bring stamps you have already made, or anything you’d

   like to impress into clay to make a stamp. Keep items small and think about

   repetition. (Scarab has some stamps, but we encourage you to bring some).

 * Clay – Mid-range stoneware – 25-50# per person.

 * Packing material/ plastic to bring home any work 

 * Heavy dose of patience coupled with a sense of exploration 


Scarab will provide coffee and continental breakfast each morning.

Plan to gather for a potluck dinner on Saturdy night.


For out of town attendees:

Please see our Info for Travelers Page for recommendations.


Join this list if you want to share your contact informaiton to coordinate with other travelers.


Jen Allen Workshop

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