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Kambrya Bailey: Fresno-Based Artist Featured at Fresno Arthop at Scarab Creative Arts

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

by Terrell Jackson

April 8, 2023

Kambrya pictured in front of a painting

Kambrya with her dad and sister

Kambrya Bailey is a talented, inspiring artist from Fresno, California who uses her artwork to explore themes of spirituality, religion, nostalgia, heritage, intimacy, grief, and love. Kambrya’s art is truly a labor of love—created with late nights and hard work. Her collection of pieces serves as a tangible diary of her innermost thoughts and feelings.

With each piece she crafts, Kambrya leaves behind something meaningful that can remind us all of our own unique stories – stories that need to be heard and understood in order for us to better understand ourselves. And with each stroke of her brush, Kambrya ensures these stories are being told through her artistry – creating beautiful things for beautiful people to enjoy.

3 of Kambrya's paintings

Kambrya has found success in the art world with her first solo exhibit at SCARAB CREATIVE ARTS at Fresno Arthop in April. The exhibition featured an array of paintings, mixed media artwork, and even live music performances. It was a day to remember for Kambrya Bailey and those lucky enough to witness it. The Color BLCK Talk Show hosts, Terrell Jackson and Kina McFadden were also present at the event to share their support for Kambrya’s incredible artwork.

“Paint what comes to your mind,” she says when asked about how she approaches creating art pieces. As an artist blooming where she is planted in Fresno, Kambrya strives to bring some color into the city with her work. She views art as a ministry that helps people connect with their own spirituality while providing comfort during times of uncertainty and distress.

Kambrya's marketing materials

Not only does she leave an indelible mark through her artwork but also through her words which are full of stories filled with heartache and joy; there is something unique within each one that transports you right into another world – almost like being transported into one of her paintings! There’s no denying that Kambrya Bailey has made a name for herself within the art world – not just locally but around the country as well – for producing amazing works that speak directly to our hearts in ways no other words can ever express!

So if you ever meet Kambrya Bailey or come across any of her works – take time out to appreciate its beauty and give thanks for this amazing artist’s tireless efforts in bringing joy into our lives via one song in many notes – a true cacophony of divine design!

Follow @_kambryabailey for more incredible art and inspiring stories!

Stay tuned for more updates on Kambrya’s journey through The Color BLCK Talk Show – a platform where inspiration is born, creativity thrives, and dreams come to life.

Terrell Jackson

I am a creative blog writer for The Color BLCK community. I use my writing to express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me and to share information and resources with others. I strive to create content that is informative, engaging, and reflective of the black experience.



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