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  • Maggie Courtis

Where to Buy Glass Supplies

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out where to buy glass supplies. Although we once had several options for shopping for stained glass in California's Central Valley, today there aren't any dedicated stained glass suppliers in the center of the state. I think it's worth traveling to support this hobby and thoroughly enjoy stopping in at stores I've never visited when I'm on the road to see what I "need" to acquire.

Where to shop in California

Gargoyle glass, Bakersfield (mention you are a student at Scarab to receive a 10% discount on your first purchase)

Hobby Lobby, Fresno

Bullseye Glass, South Pasadena and East Bay

Kiss My Glass, Santa Cruz

Stained Glass Garden, Berkeley CA

Cradle of the Sun, San Francsico

Franciscan Art Glass, 100 San Antonio Cir, Mountain View

Franciscan – 35255 Fircrest St, Newark


Where to shop on the internet

Fused Glass Warehouse:

The Glass Underground:

Warner Art Glass:


We don't recommend buying cheap glass cutters on Amazon or at Hobby Lobby. Quality is particularly important for this important tool. 


Bullseye stores give discounts based on quantity of product purchased, up to 50% off.

An artist is holding up a small window depicting fruit
Finishing a stained glass window


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